Saturday, November 28, 2009

Peru or Colorado? ayudame...

40 Dogs

Well if I spell it out, if I get it out,
Will you hear me when I tell you about
What I have to say, before it gets too late?
It's not as easy as I said it'd be,
But there’s something right about you and me,
Something right about you and me.

Well you’re the color of a burning brook,
You’re the color of a sideways look from an undercover cop in a comic book
You’re the color of a storm in June,
You're the color of the moon.
You’re the color of the night, that’s right,
Color of a fight - you move me.
You’re the color of the colored part of The Wizard of Oz movie.

We're like Romeo and Juliet,
We're like 40 dogs, cigarettes,
We're like good times that haven’t happened yet but will.
And I can tell you where we're gonna be
When the whole world falls to the sea:
We’ll be livin’ ever after, happily.

All the boys taking you for granted,
Tell you what they want with their eyes all slanted.
I don’t like the way they look at you,
I don’t like the way they talk to,
I don’t like the way they talk to you.
I wouldn’t let 'em talk to you like that.

Put 'em up high, reach for the ceiling.
Tell them that I'ma walk, damn it, I'm real,
And it ain't no crime, it's just dreams we’re stealing -
Anything to get more of this feeling

You take the high and I'll take the low,
We'll get there before you know.
We ain't got no time to waste,
We got too much life to taste.

We're like Romeo and Juliet,
And 40 dogs, cigarettes,
We're like good times that haven’t happened yet but will.
And I can tell you where we're gonna be
When the whole world falls to the sea:
We’ll be livin’ ever after, happily.

Sometimes you remind me of a moonbeam,
On the ghost of a moonbeam out on the beach,
Down by the coast, slip into Manila,
Like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Come out tonight, come out with me, baby.
We'll throw the careful into the crazy,
Turn the sky black into a sky blue,
Turn the close shave into a hoo-hoo.
What I say is true, make a fire, gotta burn a few,
Make a fire, gotta burn a few,
We can do what we want to do.

We're like Romeo and Juliet, 40 dogs, cigarettes,
We're like good times that haven’t happened yet but will.
I can tell you where we're gonna be
When the whole world falls to the sea:
We’ll be livin’ ever after, happily.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christ in you. He is all you will ever need. You can't keep entering into the lives of kids whether the circumstances are hellish or whether the pastures are green unless Christ lives and dwells in you. It is a fact that we are broken vessels at best. We are flawed folks who have been called to something epic. Christ's epic story is what we've been called into. -Encouraging words that I needed to hear today from a good friend Glenn Austell

I'm only posting this because I wrote it in the library and my tech e-mail is not working right now so this is the only way I could keep it ...its for span. lit. dont get to excited haha

Arte Comprometido y Arte por el arte

Kate Powell

Un hoja a doble espacio. Explica la diferencia entre los conceptos “Arte comprometido” y “Arte por el arte”. Incluye por lo menos una cita de un autor perteneciente a cada una de estas formas de arte para apoyar tu explicación.

Diferentes escritores escriben con diferentes motivos. Algunos escritores escriben con el motivo a el arte “no tiene que tener un fin pragmático o utilitario.” Esta forma de escribir se llama arte por el arte. Un ejemplo de arte por el arte es la colección de libros Twilight. Si no es obviamente are con un fin docente o arte comprometido entonces es probablemente arte por el arte. Arte por el arte es solamente para el entretenimiento. Otro motivo sobre escribir es para decir de la condición humana. Esta forma de arte es arte con un fin docente. Un ejemplo de esta forma de escribir es el libro clásico To Kill a Mockingbird del autor Harper Lee. Usted puede ver que es arte con un fin docente cuando evoca sus emociones para la humanidad. Otro motivo sobre de escribir es arte comprometido. Algunos escritores tienen una obligación moral de “poner su obra al servicio de una causa social o política.” Un ejemplo de esta es la poesía de Pablo Neruda; cómo el poema “El Monte Y El Río.” En este poema Neruda hablaba sobre la condición de su gente y decía, “Sufrimos, Ven Conmigo.” Que separa esta poema de arte con un fin docente es la llamar a acción “Ven conmigo.” Este poema no es simplemente para informar pero también es una llamada a la acción. Yo admiro a escritores quienes escriben sobre casos que a ellos les parece sumamente importante.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In memory of Krissy and Daisy.  They were awesome companions and sisters for 14 years and they will be missed.  
Krissy was the best dog a girl could ask for.  
Daisy always knew how to cheer everyone up and make everyone laugh.  
Santa Maria Novella
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Brunelleschi's Dome

The Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Pisa, Italy... In the field of miracles

Cinque Terre- my favorite place in all of Italy
So between Manarola and Vernazza we met Debbie, Todd, and Georgina. They were from Wisconsin and were so giving and kind! After hiking for a while with us they treated us to a delicious lunch on top of the village of Vernazza. We had octopus and squid and spaghetti, and ALL KINDS OF DELICIOUSNESS! Debbie, Todd, or Georgi if you're reading this we miss you so much and I feel so blessed to have met you all!
Our last day in Cinque Terre Elise and I decided to hike to all five villages and it was exhausting but beautiful and totally worth it! (Monteroso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore)

hmmm about five shots of espresso in Vernazza before we began our final day of hiking
boo boos and cankles from hiking
after a LONG day of hiking
Elise and Elizabeth

this guy started shaking this bridge and I laughed but I was screaming inside haha

Via del Amore : )

our hike the first day through the first three villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia
Riomaggiore- The village in Cinque Terre we stayed in
our awesome new friends from California: Leah, Peter, and Ryan
Ryan was a great fourth roomie in Nice...we miss you Ryan!

Monday, June 29, 2009

ahh beautiful Nice...this is where I decided that I am deff. a small town girl.  
Nice- Iron Man Triathlon 

Here is where our journey turned into a ROLLER is our day after we left Paris: 7:20 am- woke up at St. Christophers hostel in Paris ate breakfast and headed to the Subway by eight.

9pm- Left for Limoge and sat in the lounge car w/out reservations…stowaways : )

9-12pm- watch obnoxious teenagers make out for three hours haha (seriously people here need to learn how to GET A ROOM)

12pm- arrived in Limoge and cant get ahold of Emily

2- figure out how to head TOWARDS Cannes- run to the train (again without reservations) sit down by a stranger and were off.

3- start talking to the straner next to us- his name is Merlyn Jackson and for the past tow weeks he’s been a Tour de’ France groupie and he’s ridden through the Pyranees mountains right before he got on to Paris and then our train.  He’s from South Africa formerly an accountant but after he did really well with that he decided to open a bike shop (his dream)  now he has a huge clintel bae and is doing what he loves.  He got off in Toulouse and we stayed on till around 8pm. 

8pm- we arrive in Nerbonne and RUN across the street to an overpriced café for some food

9:09pm- on the train to Marsailles played gin n rummy/ slap jack/ egyption rat screw with some French guy who liked girls with green eyes haha

12am- arrive in Marsailles and get on the train to Toulon (still noblody has stamped our passes- and we haven’t payed)  Met a guy named Emile from Nice.  Gave us his card and told us to call if we ever ended up in Nisse and needed anything. 

1:30 am Arrive in Toulon hoping to get on a train to Cannes to get to the hostel that we planned to check in at, at 11pm.  Right when we arrive we find out the next train there leaves at 6:09am.  Immediately after that we met a Canadian named Chris Donald.  Chris is doing work exchange for Organic farms in France, to improve his French and meet new people- we ended up in a wating room area where more Americans show up waiting on the same train in the morning.  Lia, Peter, and Ryan: they are law students from California who go to University of the Pacific….they are traveling a bit before they go take classes in Austria. 

1:45-2am-  A woman comes in the waiting room and tells us the train station is closing and we need to leave and it will open back up at 5a.m 

SO the seven of us (me, elise, Elizabeth, chris, lia, peter, and ryan. )  at 2:00am after traveling for 17 hours straight head to the pub across the street to laugh off the ridiculous day that we all had.  (That was the first beer I have EVER enjoyed in my entire life by the way- he said it was Belgian)  So we finished one round of beers and a local guy bought us all another round.  Around 3:45 am the pub closed. 

3:45/4am- We find the town square (all of us a bit tipsy by now and in the tiniest of tiny towns)  get out the cards and straws we tok from the pub and play one intense game of spoons. 

5am- The train station opens and we go inside all of us WORN OUT by then because we had been up for 21-22 hours by then.  So we crashed for about an hour before we part ways with Chris and hop on the train. 

6am- Were on the train and we had heard so many good things about Nice and LOVED our new found friends from Cali so we decided to join them instead of going to Cannes.  We lucked out and got into their hostel around 9am, changed, and headed to the beach after buying some fruit and coffee from a local market.  We get down to the beach and SURPRISE!  Ironman triatholon is in town!  We found a spot on the beach with some loud house music in the background from the triathalon.  Anyways, we layed out stuff down and ran into the Mediteranean which is freezing/ refreshing/ amazing! Then we layed down on our towels and CRASHED! 

1pm- We’ve left the beach now and the six of us are in a beautiful park with tons of fountains and I’m finally finished writing this novel. Peace!  
Chris Donald- Canadian we met in the train station...thank you Lord.  Otherwise it would have been three girls in a city stranded alone for the night.  Anyways God provided us with 4 awesome people to hang out with that night.  
on the way to Limoge..or so we thought 

Check, Check, Check 
Eiffel tower during the day-check
gin rummy under the eiffel tower at night-check
strolled across a beautiful bridge-check
chillin in the palace gardens of Versailles-check
a day at the Louvre-check
Notre Dame-check
Being dissapointed by the lack of gargoyles at Notre Dame-check
Chocolate Eclaire-check
Running through the rain-check
Getting lost in the subway-check
Moulin Rouge-check
Gin rummy with a cute greek guy-check
Reading Jane Austen's Persuasion on the steps of Sacre Coure -check
Met AWESOME people- check, check, CHECK

Eli and Karen Elizabeth...two coolest people in Paris 
playing cards at St. Christophers (hostal in Paris) with our new Greek friend Eli
The Moulin Rouge! 

Roxannnn You dont have to put on that red light! 

Sacre Coeur

our little home away from home in Paris (hostal Tulipe) 
Best pizza EVER.... I basically ate a bakery while I was in France. It was worth is.  
Dome Churen- where Napolean's burried 

Notre Dame 

The Mona Lisa was way smaller than I expected...

Sculpture Montage! 

the Louvre 

Eiffel Tower! we played gin rummy under it all night fun 
Palace gardens 

Palace of Versailles 
baguette we snuck into the palace of Versaille 

lounging in the park 
outside the louvre 
the opera house 

The most ornate bridge in the world...I honestly dont remember the name of it right now but it was perrrty